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Join our Sacred Sisterhood

Answer the call of your wild Divine Feminine Spirit and join us on the healing journey of a lifetime!

Welcome Goddess!

My beloved Sisters, welcome to White Lotus Healing Ministries’ first annual Awakening the Goddess – Soul Exploration Workshop and Retreat.

We are honored to invite you all to embark with us on a healing journey of a lifetime!

Join our Divine Feminine Sisterhood for a 7-month Workshop exploring the light and shadow aspects of ourselves as we journey through the 7 Chakras and discover how our inherited beliefs, wounds and life experiences impact our energy centers, and how we can work with them to heal and reclaim our personal power and divine sovereignty.

Our journey of transformation ends with an ultimate four-day Goddess Embodiment retreat as we are completely immersed in Spirit, Mother Nature and the powerful energy of Luna’s October Full Moon at the most beautiful 13-acre retreat center here in Covington, Louisiana!

Beloved Sister, the Dark Goddess is calling you to meet her in the depths of your soul to reclaim your divinity and arise, fully embodied in your own sacred light! Will you answer Her call?

There is a hidden lunar world we have forgotten about and lost touch with. This moonlit feminine dimension of darkness and lunar cycles holds a huge key to recovering our feminine selves, and the feminine principle in life.

Azra Bertrand, M.D. & Seren Bertrand
-Vow of the Womb Priestess-

If you feel called, place your hands on your Womb, and from your deepest heart make this vow to become a chalice for the return of the Divine Feminine.

I give myself to the Great Remembering.
I serve only Love and our evolution in Love.
I vow to anchor the true Divine Feminine in my Womb.
I vow to leave no shadow unloved, no wound without balm.
I walk the path of Love and commit to our return to innocence.
I strip away all my armor and leave my heart undefended.
I embrace all my feelings; nothing is forbidden or left out.
My strength is my surrender to the Divine Feminine flow.
I honor my pristine sexuality as a gift of Life, wild and free.
I long to merge with the ecstatic innocence of Love in All.
Sacred relationship is my sacrament, the Womb my temple.
I vow to return my Womb to her immaculate sensuality, to embody the sacred powers of conscious conception.
My life is part of a greater tapestry.
I offer all to this weaving, holding the corners of the pure land from whence we came.
Beloved Divine Mother, bear witness to my vow.

Womb Awakening – Bertrand



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Goddess Embodiment Retreat